Groups I didn’t know existed

The Dearborn, MI Press and Guide recently ran what was basically a PR piece for the Dearborn Health Department. In it, a spokesperson for the department said

“When people go out of their way to come here, we hate to turn them away so we opened it up to everyday. When someone wants to have their blood pressure tested, whether it’s a senior or a regular aged person, we try to take care of them,” Jones said.

I never before knew that there was a category of human beings known as “regular aged people”. I suppose that, at age 51, I must be one of them.

Dearborn, MI (a town I can remember visiting when I was 4 or 5) is, of course, one of the two communities that Nevada Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle has claimed to have implemented Sharia law. It’s the only community whose leadership has explicitly disavowed such an implementation (the other community, Frankford TX, has not made such a disavowal because it doesn’t actually exist).

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