Truly the wildest conspiracy theory I’ve ever seen

Most of my readers know that Age of Autism can come up with some real doozies, but this one doesn’t just take the cake, it takes the pie and the plate and the silverware and the tablecloth as well. Remember the plane crash that killed several key members of the Polish government? Well if we’re to believe the AoA commenter, the plane was deliberately brought down by Big Pharma because Poland didn’t offer the H1N1 vaccine last year.

I hate to say this, but the only other site that I’ve seen with the same general tone as AoA is Stormfront (I’m obviously not linking to it).

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3 Responses to Truly the wildest conspiracy theory I’ve ever seen

  1. sharon says:

    You can’t, as they say, make this stuff up huh?
    I can’t go to AofA, I just don’t have the stomach for it.
    Great blog BTW.

  2. Nidreya says:

    Cannabis can cure cancer? Fuck my other daughter, she’s for sale too.

  3. Minerva Le says:

    Title: The Asylums Psychotic Lunacy-

    They have robbed it from me.
    Stripping it and tearing it apart till it’s a disarray of unrecognizable.
    Stolen have they my sanity.
    They criticized and probed me an insane laconic as I was.
    It was a conspiracy to me that they spoke of the endangerment I was to myself.
    I was rigid push foolishly towards the edge.

    Those heretic’s and lunatics were all chronically ill more than others noticeably.
    The narcotic pills and meds were just sedates to restraint and imprison me.
    But I grew senselessly numb enclosed inward.
    An eccentric and crazed.
    A hostage in this a lunatic asylums hospital.
    It was to be my refuge but it felt more like I was caged.
    A patient senile and manic.
    I was afflicted alienated my vision blurring into distortions delusion.
    I had the hallucination of a hysterical symptom of those with schizophrenic.
    Demented and forced into this institute for the mentally deranged and destitute.
    My body vacantly abandoned.

    The drugs drunk elicited, my denial defective and breakable.
    I was cracking for I was a crazies psycho.
    In the Lunacy hierarchical.
    My capacity of the discarded and disorienting were absurdly wasted for those on the mediocre.
    They neglected to mention the isolation loneliness of absence.
    Only medication and a planned system.

    My psychosis is drifting into dystopia.
    My motions those kind defined as bizarre and berserk.
    Preludes me embodies myself Into a psychologically deterioration Vertigo.
    The treatment therapy invalided.
    The psychotic a caution and beware of my behavior.
    The unfortunate a crucial criminally offensive to appear inhumane.
    My confusion a dizzy frenzied bipolar going into paranoiacs fool.
    The vacancies of the harmed grow for the corrupt are sickly.
    The ruses hoax provoked and ridiculed.
    The shrink psychiatrist a grandiosities .
    My fear perfumed looming a lingering aroma of the madness of those prescribed in the madhouse.

    My examine exploited.
    A botched cheat and lie.
    The philanthropies within was answering the prognosis.
    The loons, wild with the crazies.
    The vicinity of defections were to be confined and condemned.
    I, myself was straight jacketed trap ticked into the hypothesis’s tested.
    I was pronounced a head case.
    Not going to survive my own minds tormented prison.
    The syringe screaming and the electroshock warning.
    Its made me weak and lost into the trepidation of myself.

    Alluded my precocious into discordance temperamentally.
    I was, I am. We are, we were.
    The psychologically uncongenial sane that’s heading towards insanity ragging psychopaths.
    To help us is to want your help at all.
    For the apathy is out discord.. into its own accordance..of self.

    All responses and feedback’s are truly welcomed bye!

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