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Long-time commenter starts a blog of his own. I'm a software developer from the US Midwest.

Lea Bohlman, 9/18/32-7/16/13

My mother, Lea (nickname for “Evangeline”)  Bohlman, nee Sofianos [1], passed away on July 16, 2013 at age 80 (almost 81). This was expected. I would credit my mother with kindling my interest in politics, history and culture, among other … Continue reading

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Two very different weeks

The events of last week led to about 20 needless funerals. The events of this week are going to lead to at least a thousand times that many needed weddings.

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Congratulations, New Yorkers

You have just doubled the number of Americans who live in a jurisdiction where government officials are forbidden from peering down the pants of couples seeking marriage licenses. Now people who would have had outlaws can have in-laws instead (that’s … Continue reading

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Reaching for a word and missing

In a welcome development, New Mexico’s Attorney General issued an opinion stating that New Mexico would recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who married elsewhere (NM does not yet have full marriage equality). Gary King was quoted as saying: While … Continue reading

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Truly the wildest conspiracy theory I’ve ever seen

Most of my readers know that Age of Autism can come up with some real doozies, but this one doesn’t just take the cake, it takes the pie and the plate and the silverware and the tablecloth as well. Remember … Continue reading

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Groups I didn’t know existed

The Dearborn, MI Press and Guide recently ran what was basically a PR piece for the Dearborn Health Department. In it, a spokesperson for the department said “When people go out of their way to come here, we hate to … Continue reading

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Clickity: A tool for simulating hard-to-perform mouse clicks

I’ve written a mouse-accessibility tool, Clickity, that provides similar capabilities to Gnome’s MouseTweaks and KDE’s KMouseTool (though the user interface is different). From Clickity’s Sourceforge homepage: Clickity is a tray-icon program for simulating mouse clicks and drags that are difficult … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this idea?

What if the US government made Medicare available on the open market to people under 65? It would simply become one of the options available to individuals or employers seeking healthcare coverage. It would be priced according to what the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

After several years of commenting on various blogs, and even more years than that of participating on Usenet, I’ve decided to start a blog of my own. Why “Turnips and Potatoes”? A few days ago the New Hampshire [1] state … Continue reading

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